PK-3: What Does it Mean for Instruction?

April 1, 2017


Deborah Stipek, Doug Clements, Cynthia Coburn, Megan Franke, and Dale Farran

This report from the Society for Research in Child Development provides guidance for policymakers and educational practitioners alike on how to purposefully connect instructional approaches from PreK to the early years of elementary school. 

As the authors note, "simply stating that there is a need for continuity from the preschool years to the early years of elementary school is not enough. Continuity can mean continuing poor educational practices, such as pushing down rote learning from the elementary school years into preschool programs.​" Further, "evidence in this report indicates that there is substantial repetition in the Kindergarten year of what many children have already learned in their PreK year -- repetition that can lead to boredom and a decline in motivation."

APA Citation: 

Stipek, D., Clements, D., Coburn, C., Franke, M., & Farran, D. (2017). PK-3: What does it mean for instruction? Society for Research in Child Development: Social Policy Report, 30(2). 


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