Issues in PreK-3rd: Using Developmental Science to Transform Children's Early School Experiences

January 1, 2009


Kelly Maxwell, Sharon Ritchie, Sue Bredekamp, Tracy Zimmerman

Four foundational elements of young children's develolpment underlie their competence and appear to predict their success in school from PreK through 3rd grade: self regulation, representation, memory, and attachment. Infusing knowledge about child development into the early education system would transform early schooling and help all children achieve and succeed. 

APA Citation: 

Maxwell, K.L., Ritchie, S., Bredekamp, S. & Zimmerman, T. (2009). Issues in PreK-3rd: Using developmental science to transform children's early school experiences. Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina, FPG Child Development Institute, FirstSchool.


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