Issues in PreK-3rd Education: Time is of the Essence

January 1, 2009


Sharon Ritchie, Gisele Crawford

This brief focuses on strategies and approaches used in the United States and internationally to re-prioritize the use of time in schools, and explores several areas of time-use beyond those most often cited in literature. It concludes that in order for schools to be more effective and more responsive to children and families, it is essential to engage in professional learning communities; develop positive relationships with students; build and sustain school-family partnerships; learn new skills and acquire more in-depth understanding of subject matter; and enhance communication across disciplines. 

APA Citation: 

Ritchie, S. & Crawford, G. (2009). Issues in PreK-3rd Education: Time is of the essence. Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, FPG Child Development Institute, FirstSchool. 


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