Investments in Oregon's P-3 Initiatives--Promising Family Engagement Strategies: Early Evidence & Next Steps

April 1, 2018


Beth L. Green, Callie H. Lambarth, Lindsey Patterson, Mackenzie Burton, Diane Reid

Transformative family engagement creates true partnerships between families, schools, teachers, early learning programs, and providers. In Oregon, current family engagement efforts fall into three broad domains: 1) Engaging families in supporting children's learning at home; 2) Engaging families as partners with providers, teachers, and schools; and 3) Engaging families in program, school and community leadership, decision-making, and advocacy. 

Although early indicators relating to the family engagement work being done by communities across Oregon are promissin, 

The central recommendation of this report is to continue strengthening family engagement work that focuses on reducing disparities for Oregon's most vulnearble children. The data continues to show dispartieies in school readiness for children of color and for children from economically disadvantaged families.

APA Citation: 

Green, B.L., Lambarth, C.H., Patterson, L., Burton, M., & Reid, D. (2018). Investments in Oregon's P-3 initiatives--Promising family engagement strategies: Early evidence & next steps. Portland, OR: Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services, Portland State University.


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