Financing Services for 3- and 4-Year Olds in a PreK-3rd School

January 1, 2009


Richard M. Clifford, Gisele M. Crawford, Helene Stebbins, Stephanie S. Reszka, Barbara Coatney

This brief provides an overview of issues related to financing early childhood programs in a school setting; provides estimates of costs and sources of revenue to support portions of these programs for children below the typical age of entry into school; and discusses special issues related to the capital costs for renovations and new construction required to provide appropriate space for early childhood programs. 

APA Citation: 

Clifford, R.M., Crawford, G.M., Stebbins, H., Reszka, S.S., & Coatney, B. (2009). Financing services for 3- and 4-year Oods in a PreK-3rd school. Issues in PreK-3rd Education (#2). Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina, FPG Child Development Institute, FirstSchool.


  • School-Level Perspectives