Examining Teacher Effectiveness Between Preschool and Third Grade

January 1, 2016


Rachel Herzfeldt-Kamprath, Rebecca Ullrich

This report examines the consistency of children’s access to effective teachers between preschool and third grade—as well as how that access differs by a child’s race/ethnicity and socio-economic status—within three broad factors of teacher effectiveness: qualifications, attitudes, and environment. These factors are inherently interconnected and typically accessed at lower rates by African American and Hispanic children, as well as children from low-income households. Furthermore, access to effective teachers varies between PreK and the K-3 grades because the standards, expectations, and supports for teachers are different for these two systems. 

APA Citation: 

Herzfeldt-Kamprath, R. & Ullrich, R. (2016). Examining teacher effectiveness between preschool and third grade. Washington, D.C.: Center for American Progress.


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