Bringing it All Together: Elementary Principals are Key to Strong PreK-3rd Grade Classrooms

May 1, 2016


Laura Bornfreund, Abbie Lieberman

In the final brief of a six-part series on elementary school principals from New America's Education Policy Program, authors Laura Bornfreund and Abbie Lieberman present four actions for states and school districts to better support elementary school principals. They conclude that: states should incorporate early childhood education into principal preparation programs; states and school districts should provide ongoing professional learning opportunities related to early education; states and school districts should invest in opportunities to bring elementary school principals and early learning center directors together; and that states should take advantage of ESSA funds to support this work. 

APA Citation: 

Bornfreund, L. & Lieberman, A. (2016). Bringing it all together: Elementary principals are key to strong PreK-3rd grade classrooms. Washington, DC: New America.


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