Aligning Preschool through High School Social and Emotional Learning Standards: A Critical and Doable Next Step

November 1, 2013


Katherine M. Zinsser, Roger P. Weissberg, and Linda Dusenbury

Alignment of standards requires more than just addressing the developmental continuum of specific domains of children's learning, it also requires aligning those domains -- in particular, aligning social and emotional skills with content-based skills. This brief discusses the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL) for children's early and sustained success, as well as key characteristics of high-quality SEL standards that are aligned from preschool through high school.

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Zinsser, K.M., Weissberg, R.P., & Dusenbury, L. (2013). Aligning preschool through high school social and emotional learning standards: A critical and doable next step. Chicago, IL: Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning.


  • Social and Emotional Learning


  • Illinois