21st Century Teacher Education for FirstSchool: A Model of Collaborative Inquiry

January 1, 2009


Rebecca New, Sharon Ritchie, Harriet Boone

Teacher education programs must include opportunities for future teachers to study contexts as well as texts, to develop a repertoire of tools for observing, assessing, and studying children's early learning, and to acquire the skills and dispositions to do this work with others through processes of collaborative inquiry. Graduates of such a program will enter the classroom with a deeper understanding of their own potential to support children's learning.

APA Citation: 

New, R., Ritchie, S. & Boone, H. (2009). 21st century teacher education for FirstSchool: A model of collaborative inquiry. Issues in PreK-3rd Education (#8). Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, FPG Child Development Institute, FirstSchool.


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