Leveraging our work in leadership, practice, and research, the National P-3 Center discerns system-level policies and practices that undergird effective and lasting change for young children (birth-through-age-8) and their families. Specifically, we engage in efforts to author and disseminate white papers, policy briefs, and other products that synthesize the intersections of our work in leadership, practice, and research.

Comments on Washington's Revised ESSA Consolidated Plan

September 5, 2017

The National P-3 Center weighed in on Washington's Revised ESSA Consolidated Plan and, while we applaud the attention to early learning, we believe the Plan falls short in recognizing and extending the state's long-standing and widespread efforts to embrace the birth-through-3rd-grade (P-3) continuum as a fundamental strategy to meet the State of Washington's ambitious education goals. You can read our full comments here.  Download