Leadership & Professional Education

The National P-3 Center focuses on systemic strategies that increase and support effective, cross-sector approaches to improving the preschool-through-3rd-grade years (0-8). Our approach to leadership and professional education is based on a deep understanding that one-time workshops are not effective in changing adult behaviors or in creating meaningful improvements in children's learning opportunities. Our leadership and professional education efforts are infused with a combination of extended learning time, team-based approaches, and a deep commitment to applying new knowledge to real-world work.

Our major leadership efforts include:

  The Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate Program is designed to build and support a cadre of administrators—in both early learning and elementary education—who are well equipped to ensure Washington’s young children have a high quality continuum of learning
Held every other year, the most recent Institute was held October 2018 in Beaver Creek, CO   The National P-3 Institute provides an intensive professional learning opportunity for collaborative teams to deepen and extend their strategic efforts to implement P-3 approaches that