Who to Contact for What

Benefits Information Employee Services
303-860-4200, Opt. 3
Book Orders Submit a request using the Purchase Request Form.
Business Cards Visit Printing Services website.
You will need a speedtype for payment (consult supervisor).
Catering Requests Submit a request using the Purchase Request Form.
Conference Registration Submit a request using the Conference Registration Form.
Contact Information (Update/Change)-
includes emergency contact
In the UCD Access Portal, go to CU Resources (if not your homepage already)> CU Resources Home (drop-down menu)>My Info and Pay > My Info.
Copier Code Daisy.Salazar@ucdenver.edu
Direct Deposit (Update/Change) Make changes to your direct deposit online. Instructions here.
Parking & Transportation Services
777 Lawrence Way, 1st Floor
Emergency/Crime Reporting Auraria Campus Police

University Police

Exam (or Desk) Copies Faculty personally request exam (desk) copies directly from the publisher.
Expense Reimbursements
*must have prior approval*
ID Card Jenna.Stanford@ucdenver.edu
Master Keys 6th Floor – Lorrie Vigil (604) and Dorothy Garrison-Wade (644)

7th Floor – Shakira Anderson (717), Chinar Aldawoodi (front desk), and Tech Team (724)

11th Floor – JáNet Hurt (1145), Jenna Standford (1147), and Tricia Ball (1142)

Office Furniture JaNet.Hurt@ucdenver.edu
Office Key Submit a key request to JaNet.Hurt@ucdenver.edu

Please provide: Room/Office, # of keys needed, the person’s first and last name, employee ID  and a speedtype (only charged if the key is not returned).

Office Supplies Purchase Request Form
6th Floor – In the mailroom (605) – the three cabinets underneath the mailboxes; also in the 6th floor meeting/work space across from the windows of classroom 648 – the three cabinets underneath the printer station.
7th Floor – The cabinets in the work/color copier area near faculty mailboxes (across from 717).
11th Floor – Storage closet 1144 (next to JáNet’s office).
Parking Garages
Auraria Campus Parking
Parking Passport
pre-paid parking on campus lots at discounted rate
Parking & Transportation Services
Payroll Issues Hiromi.Agena@ucdenver.edu
Room Reservation Submit a request using the Campus EMS Web App (you must have an EMS Account to do this). Please note, all SEHD Rooms are listed under “CU Denver Department Conference Rooms”.

If you do not have an EMS account, you can email sehdhelp@ucdenver.edu;
Please provide meeting title, date, start & end time and expected number of attendees.

Those needing to reserve a room for comps, proposal or final dissertation/DRP/Thesis defenses, please use this link to request a room: https://forms.ucdenver.edu/secure/sehd_student_room_request

Student Forms Grade Changes, Schedule Adjustment Forms, and Special Processing Forms are available at the front desk on the 7th floor.
Electronic copies of the Schedule Adjustment Form and the Special Processing Form are available on the registrar’s website.The program Academic Advisor will process the forms after they have been filled out by the faculty and/or involved students.
Technology (Issues)
includes Computer, Email, Printer, Copier, and Fax
Submit a ticket request at sehdhelp@ucdenver.edu.
Telephone (Issues)
(i.e. static in the line, display not working, phone not ringing, activating a data jack, moving phones)
OIT Help Desk
303-724-HELP (4357)
Telephone Number (acquiring)  JaNet.Hurt@ucdenver.edu
Telephone Guides
Cisco Phone Training
Travel Approval Submit a request using the Travel Approval Request Form.
Work Requests
(i.e. temp/HVAC issues, housekeeping, building maintenance, as well as billable services-having things hung)
Facilities Management
Submit online request here.*
Use same login credentials as UCD Access.
*Online request system works best in Internet Explorer and Chrome.
Work Requests
(i.e. requests for photocopies)

Please provide at least three business days of advance notice for all work requests.

If you submit your work request electronically using the email listed above, please include the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Due Date
  3. Information about the work needing to be completed
  4. Your copy code

For very large print jobs (over 250 pages), you will need to use the Anschutz Copy Center.

You will need to provide the copy center with your speed type. Please contact Daisy Salazar with questions about your speed type or copy code.

As a reminder, there is a second printer (black & white) on the 7th floor near the NxtGEN offices that is available for copies in case the color copier is in use.  There are also copiers on the 6th and 11th floors.

W-4 (Update/Change) Make changes to your W-4 online in the UCD Access Portal under CU Resources (may be your homepage already)> CU Resources Home (drop-down menu)> My Info and Pay >W-4.