Operating Bylaws


Article I. NAME

The name of the organization shall be “SEHD Staff Advisory Council” referred to as SAC.


a) SAC was established by the Dean of the School of Education & Human Development and approved by the SEHD Leadership and Finance Team of the University of Colorado, July 1, 2012. A copy of the bylaws is provided to the SEHD Dean’s Team, the Leadership Team and employees of the SEHD. The bylaws are published on the IMPACT website.

b) The Dean is the reporting authority with funding provided by the Dean’s Office.


SAC Members serve as representatives for the SEHD staff to the Dean of the School of Education & Human Development, the Dean’s team and the elected Leadership and Finance Team in order to:

1) Facilitate good communication and mutual understanding.

2) Provide means for the exchange and dissemination of information among and for the SEHD staff and employees relative to opportunities, activities, concerns, procedures and policies of mutual interest.

3) Promote unity, cooperation and commitment among all employees of the SEHD.

4) Work with SEHD’s Dean’s Team to promote a positive working climate, make recommendations to the Dean’s Team for climate improvement, and propose projects that address staff interests and concerns.

5) Work with similar councils, subcommittees, groups, or bodies of the University as needed to fulfill the aforementioned purposes.


a) Efforts will be made to include a representative selection of SEHD staff on all floors and at all sites. At a minimum, the SAC will consist of four staff members and the Dean.  At a maximum, the SAC will consist of six members and the Dean (ideally one staff from each floor and the Denver Place location and two at-large members).

b) Any SEHD staff member, with supervisor approval, shall be eligible for membership on SAC.

c) Staff employees shall mean all classified staff and professional exempt employees (including grants and centers staff) of the SEHD.

d) SAC Members may be full or part-time employees (at least .5 FTE).

e) The Dean of the SEHD shall be an ex-officio member.

Article IV: Section 1. DUTIES OF MEMBERS

a) The members are expected to arrange time to perform SAC functions with their immediate supervisor.

b) Attend meetings regularly (at least 75%), and notify colleagues of non-attendance.

c) Disseminate information to colleagues and co-workers.

d) Bring concerns and questions from colleagues and co-workers to the SAC.

e) SAC members will encourage a practice of direct communication and will not knowingly interfere with the relationship between a staff member and their supervisor or among staff members.

Article IV: Section 2.  ELECTION OF MEMBERS

a) Any staff member of the SEHD who has supervisory approval is eligible to be nominated for the SAC by self or others.

b) SAC shall solicit nominations and determine nominee’s willingness to run.

c) Members will be elected by a simple majority vote by written ballot of the SEHD staff in the fall.   A nominated member may elect to decline the nomination/election.

d) In case of a tie, the tie will be broken by a vote of current members of SAC.

e) Supervisors and new members will be notified of election to SAC and length of term.

f) Employees elected to the SAC will begin their term after the annual SEHD Opening Meeting.

g) Members shall serve two-year terms.

h) A SAC member may serve an additional two-year term after a one-year break.

Article IV: Section 3. MEMBER VACANCY

a) With advance notice, a committee member may voluntarily leave the SAC at any time during their term.

b) A committee member who consistently does not meet the requirements of their council position will be referred to the Dean for discontinuation.

c) Vacant positions on SAC may be filled by appointment, beginning with the runners-up from the last election and then other eligible and interested staff employees may be considered by the existing SAC. The employee filling the vacancy will complete the term of the member being replaced.


a) SAC officer roles shall consist of the Chair (SEHD Dean), Two Vice Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer and two members at-large.

b) One SAC member will attend the SEHD Leadership and Finance team and Faculty meetings monthly on a rotating basis.

c) Terms for SAC officer roles (in years) are as follows: Chair (no limit), Vice Chairs two years, Secretary one year, Treasurer one year.

d) In the event of vacated offices, the duties of more than one officer may be combined or delegated, i.e. Secretary/Treasurer.

Article V: Section 1. The Chair shall:

a) Attend meetings at the request of SAC or him/herself.

b) Approve ad hoc staff subcommittees at the recommendation of the SAC.

c) Approve official communications sent by SAC to SEHD staff.

d) Vote only in case of a tie.

e) Have signature authority for SAC account.

f) Approve SAC recommendations to fund staff professional development requests.

g) Call special meetings for SAC as necessary.

h) Review with the SAC budget summaries at the beginning and end of each fiscal year.

i) Retain ex-officio membership to all SAC committees.

j) Approve SAC and committee members as needed.

Article V: Section 2. THE VICE CHAIRS SHALL:

a) Preside at the SAC meetings and prepare, in cooperation with the SAC, an agenda for all regular and special SAC meetings.

b) Represent SAC on a rotating basis with other SAC members at the SEHD Leadership and Finance Team and SEHD Faculty meetings with supervisor approval.

c) Act as the spokesperson for SAC at official functions or at functions where SAC representation is requested.

d) Oversee budget and expenditures in cooperation with the Secretary and Treasurer. Review and initial with the Treasurer, budget summaries at the beginning and end of each fiscal year.

e) Conduct membership elections.

f) Communicate with committee chairs to ensure continuity.

Article V: Section 3. THE SECRETARY SHALL:

a) Record, prepare, edit and post the minutes of meetings.

b) Ensure the distribution of the agenda and minutes in advance of regular meetings to SAC members.

c) Notify staff members of meetings and locations. Reserve meeting locations as necessary.

d) Keep a listing of all SAC members and their committee membership and contact information.

e) Assist with SAC correspondence, notices and other official business as requested by members of the SAC.

f) Provide information for new members, including, but not limited to the following: meeting schedule, bylaws, current membership roster, SAC website, and minutes of the previous meeting.

Article V: Section 4.  THE TREASURER SHALL:

a) Provide assistance with paying, or arranging payment for, SAC functions and expenditures with SEHD Finance Team.

b) Participate with the SAC to prepare the annual budget for review by the Dean.

c) Report financial transactions at SAC meetings as needed.

d) Reconcile financial records with SEHD Finance Team in accordance with the UC Denver fiscal year closing dates.

e) Oversee and review the financial records and backup documentation, responsible for recording accounts receivable and accounts payable of the SAC and committees.

f) Keep an archive of financial records and backup documentation.


a) SAC may create committees as needed.  Committee membership will consist of volunteer members from the SEHD staff and at least one SAC member.

     1) SAC Standing Committees of the whole include the Employee Recognition Council and the Welcoming Committee.

     2) Ad Hoc committees shall be created and terminated by SAC in order to consider matters of a current and temporary nature as requested by SEHD staff.

b) Membership on committees shall be determined at the same time and following the same processes as SAC elections.


a) Each committee shall maintain a record of its activities and present report to the SAC as requested.

b) Each committee shall elect a chairperson and secretary.

c) All committees shall be authorized by SAC to write letters, initiate surveys, etc. in the pursuit of committee goals, but shall refrain from any action needing SAC approval.


a) Committee meetings and SEHD quarterly staff meetings shall be established by the SAC and committees as needed.


a) Bylaws will be reviewed annually each summer and updated as necessary.

b) Changes will be approved by the SAC Board and submitted to the Dean for approval.