Professional Development

Dean Kantor has approved a SEHD Staff Professional Development Fund that renews each fiscal year. We are thrilled Dr. Kantor has approved this fund to support staff professional development!

Staff PD funding is available to full-time staff and part-time staff (at a prorated-rate). Unfortunately at this time, student employees are not eligible to receive funds through the SEHD Staff Professional Development Fund.

Application requests may range up to $500 dollars per fiscal year (July-June).  Requests may be approved for less than the full amount at the discretion of the Staff Advisory Council and the Dean.  Staff members who receive $500 in a fiscal year will not be eligible for another PD award within the same year.

PD Request forms will be solicited and reviewed twice a year during the fall and spring.

Staff PD Funds can be requested for local and non-local events, training, conferences, etc.; however, please note requests may only receive partial funding if the cost of the event and travel exceeds $500. To keep reimbursement costs as low as possible, PD funds will be limited to items such as hotel, flight, and registration fees. PD funds will not be used to cover per diems, mileage, cab rides, or other incidentals.

Examples of SEHD Staff Professional Development Fund Uses:

  • Conference/Training Registration fees
  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • On-site group training
  • Journal Subscriptions/Books*
  • Software*

*Please note that all journals, books and software are property of the SEHD and will be required to stay with your position should you change positions or leave the SEHD.

PD funds cannot be used for licensure/certification renewals, professional organization memberships, travel per diem, or non-degree (CPE) course registrations.

PD funds cannot be used for alcohol. All reimbursement requests must be within University guidelines (be sure to also refer to the APS Propriety of Expenses Policy Statement and the PSC Procedural Statement regarding travel).

Those who receive PD funds are strongly encouraged to share information they have learned with others in the department or work group, i.e. via an informational handout, a brown-bag lunch session, or quarterly staff meeting as appropriate.

If you are interested in applying for SEHD Staff Professional Development Fund, please complete the online request form at

 Approval Process

1) Staff discusses SEHD Staff Professional Development Fund Request with their supervisor for support and review.

2) Staff completes request form at:

3) The Professional Development Committee will review all requests and provide recommendations to the Dean.

4) The Dean will make the final decision on all requests.

5) Staff members will be notified by the Professional Development Committee of the outcome of their request(s).

6) Speedtype for approved professional development expenses: 61001199.

Need Ideas for Professional Development?

Check out these sites for inspiration: