Dean Kantor’s Winter Updates

Dear colleagues,

As we quickly approach our winter break, I wanted to provide you with a few important updates as we won’t all be together again until the faculty meeting on January 28th (please save the date!). First off, I invite you all to join me for breakfast THIS Wednesday, December 10th from 9-10:30 AM in LSC 745. This is just a small thank you/celebration for the hard work everyone has done this semester. Please drop in as your schedule allows for a bite to eat and socializing with colleagues. Next, I want to acknowledge our care, concern and celebrations around the School – we welcome Baby Harris(!) and congratulate her parents Bryn and Michael; we congratulate Jessica (Coon) on her recent wedding, as well as Luis Poza and his wife, Mithu, and Lori Ryan on the marriage of her son, Max; we express our care and support of Joni Dunlap who is undergoing health challenges and upcoming surgery, as well as Tricia Ball who has been suffering a herniated disk in her neck.

Name Changes
As you know, we have been discussing with the faculty (and with student focus groups) the need for changing the names of our PhD degree and BA degree to Education and Human Development. There are several reasons for doing this: Changing the names of both programs to Education and Human Development provides more clarity for applicants seeking to identify prospective programs, particularly at the undergraduate level. Also, a google search for education does not bring up Teaching, Learning and Development which turns out to be an unnecessary barrier to students finding us. Lastly, because Education and Human Development suggests content in the areas of human development, human relations, and mental health, it will allow our Human Development and Family Relations and Counseling programs to offer related concentration areas in the BA and PhD degrees, potentially increasing enrollment.

We are very pleased to announce that the name change was approved by the Regents (thank you Honorine!) and will take place immediately…BTW, we have 132 BA students as of today!

Important School Documents Approved
One of the ways we have worked to strengthen our SEHD community is to revise and refresh the foundational documents that govern our lives together. I am pleased to announce that our Bylaws are now approved, as well as the new RTP criteria, our clinical promotion and our research promotion criteria! Additionally, we have newly revised and approved student appeals process and honor code. Many thanks to all of the folks who provided input to these documents and to Dorothy Garrison-Wade for her awesome leadership and persistence with the process once they leave the School.

We have finished our Pattern of Administration (POA), a document that details all of the procedural ways we accomplish our daily lives in the SEHD from ordering supplies to making travel arrangements and getting reimbursements. You can access it using the link above and it will also be posted on the IMPACT (under the Knowledge Base tab); we will update it as necessary to keep it current. Thank you to the Administration and Management Team (A&M Team) for all the hard, tedious work that went into creating what we hope will be a very useful document for you.

In addition, Dorothy has led a terrific piece of work on our ongoing efforts to improve the annual merit review – she will be presenting this at the faculty meeting on the 28th and I think you will be as pleased as I am.

Lastly, the Staff Advisory Council drafted and passed a set of by-laws to guide their work (thank you Michele, Gretchen, Lindsay and Jessica).

We continue to work on ways to communicate more effectively with our community. The IMPACT has become a wonderful repository of news and activity thanks to the leadership and hard work of Brad Hinson. I encourage you to look at and contribute to it regularly, for announcements, minutes, agendas and celebratory shout-outs. Brad and I also post papers, articles, tid-bits and updates to try to keep you in the loop!

We also have highly engaged and productive discussions taking place in the Program Leaders meetings, the Leadership and Finance Team, the A & M Team, the Strategic Enrollment Management Team (SEM), the Diversity Committee, the Curriculum Committee, the Staff Advisory Council, and the Student Committee. Your reps in these groups should be sharing what is taking place there, or you can access most minutes on the IMPACT.

The first edition of the newly designed EDGE magazine is out and looks just wonderful (thank you Julia!)…

The move happened without a hitch, everyone has new name plates and all offices scheduled to be painted are complete (thank you JáNet!)…we are also working on an updated staff directory for all (thank you Jessica, JáNet & Melissa). The most recent SEHD phone list is available on the Q drive in the “Public” folder (which all faculty and staff can access).

Despite these ways to keep us moving forward and everyone informed, there are still times when you think “When was that decision made?” or “Who did that?… “When did that happen?” I urge you to email me or ask someone from the Leadership and Finance Team to bring your concern to the committee so we can let you know, address your concerns, bring you up to date and so forth…Assume good intentions to share it all with you and know that we are a big, dispersed community and it is almost impossible to involve everyone in everything, all the time…

Program Work
So much great program work is happening all over the SEHD – thank you to ALL! Some examples: The Teacher Ed TELT group has been hard at work incorporating the new BA; the MA discussion continues and will be shared at the January Faculty meeting; the new HDFR program track has been developed by Ruben and colleagues and has had great media exposure all term; the new PSYD first cohort is doing well; the EdD continues to be refined thru collaboration with CPED, and is in discussion with C-PEER for how the new center can support the work of the students and faculty; we have a team of Tech TAs assisting a team of faculty in putting more of our courses and programs online (thank you Brad and Lori Elliott). For better or worse, we got a revised submission into NCTQ (thanks Barbara Seidl and Carolyn and all faculty who helped out). Our academic advisors and outreach team are getting to know their new organizational pattern and Shelley Gomez has joined them. The NxtGEN grant has arrived and the team is busy setting up the organization for the project (thank you Barbara, Ritu, and Cindy). We now have several courses in the CORE and the Gen Ed transfer path (thank you Manuel, Rene, Ruben and Barbara).

These are just a few examples – every program area is working on various updates, revisions, new audiences etc..

So… these are some highlights from around the School but there is MUCH more than can be shared here…we are truly cooking on all burners and it is an exciting time for the SEHD… I am, as always, grateful to you all for your energy, your commitment and your talents. I hope that you all have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing you in January. Projects on deck include: the Student Learning Commons construction (thank you Aswad and JáNet); web 2.0 revisions to our School webite and the Harsh Kagan School branding initiative (thank you Julia, Brad, Theo and others); the First SEHD Alumni reunion/reception in April with Andy Hargreaves (thanks Aswad, Julia and JáNet); the full launch of C-PEER (thanks Kent and Honorine); the wrap up of the MA work (thank you program leaders); the choosing of a CRM (thank you Brad and Jason), a data warehouse as part of a comprehensive data architecture (thank you Brad); the second annual Black Education (BE) Impact Conference (thank you Aswad). 

My very best,