This announcement is to remind you that as the end of CY14 draws near (and the subsequent FRPA completion and submission deadlines) the eFRPA website is open year-round and available for use by your faculty to enter, review and edit their 2014 activities.    Please note that all Schools/Colleges are now required to utilize the eFRPA.  The eFRPA was successfully implemented two years ago and utilized by most schools/colleges last year.  Our thanks to all of you who participated and provided feedback!  Since then, OIRE has been working with the Denver Campus deans, the Academic Personnel Committee (a subgroup of the Faculty Assembly), and individual faculty members to prioritize and integrate all of your helpful feedback.


The eFRPA system is accessible via the OIRE website ( through the “User Login” link.  All faculty who are responsible for completing an eFRPA have automatically been given access to the OIRE website and to the eFRPA system.  A short User’s Guide is available through a link at the top of the eFRPA web page.


Please note some of the changes that have been implemented this year:

  • The most significant change for faculty is that the electronic “Sign-off” process has been discontinued.  This was included in the eFRPA as a holdover from the paper signature and submission process, but was quickly made obsolete by electronic PDF/MS-Word document generation capabilities, as well as the expansion of the eFRPA system to allow faculty to enter and update multi-year and multi-status activities.
  • Greater browser compatibility has been added to the system.  While the website works best in a recent version of Firefox, it has been successfully tested in IE 10/11, Chrome and Safari.
  • The activity Begin Date and End Date will provide a warning when a date is entered which is outside of the current collection period (Calendar Year 2014).  Note that the eFRPA will accept any valid date – this is only a cautionary check.
  • Various “help” text (visual when you click the “?” link) have been improved and expanded.
  • The types of services listed in Section IV: Service has been expanded.
  • Section 3D: Work In Progress has been expanded to allow users to provide a range of “statuses”.
  • By January 1st, the PDF/MS-Word versions of the FRPA will allow for blank sections to be “collapsed” to take up less room.


Please feel free to submit feedback, questions and suggestions through the “Comment on this page” link either from the eFRPA web page or on the OIRE website’s homepage, and these will be consolidated and reviewed by the Faculty Assembly’s APC for upcoming versions of the eFRPA.


If you have any technical or login questions about the eFRPA web application, please contact our OIRE HelpDesk at 303-315-2840 or IR@UCDENVER.EDU.


If you have any policy or procedure questions about the eFRPA web application, please contact Dr. Christine Stroup-Benham @ CHRISTINE.STROUP-BENHAM@UCDENVER.EDU.


Thank you for your time and attention to this continuing effort to digitize the eFRPA data and help standardize and streamline the data collection process!