Meet the Authors/Writing a Successful Book Proposal: Pre-Conference Workshop at ARNOVA 2014

The School of Public Affairs is hosting a professional development event related to writing a successful book proposal. Several publishers and authors will be attending this event and will be available to provide needed support in this valuable process. Please see the information below.

Participate in the

Meet the Authors/Writing a Successful Book Proposal

Pre-Conference Workshop at ARNOVA 2014

 Calling All Potential Book Authors and Editors,

You are cordially invited to participate in the first Meet the Authors/Writing a Successful Book Proposal Pre-Conference Workshop the ARNOVA 2014.

What: This pre-conference event will include two parts. First, you have the opportunity to Meet the Authors, either as an author or a participant.  This event gives published authors the opportunity to display and discuss their books with readers in an informal setting. The event will be followed by a workshop focused on writing a successful book proposal, with several authors attending to talk about how book proposals are put together, along with several publishers who will discuss how proposals invited and reviewed from the publisher perspective.  Join us to share these tools and resources to make publishing a book a reality.   Where: This event will take place as a pre-conference workshop in the Lawrence Street Center Building, 2nd Floor Terrace room at 1380 Lawrence St. in Downtown Denver (just a short walk from the conference hotels, on the CU Denver Campus), hosted by the School of Public Affairs at the University of CO Denver.

When: Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 6-7:45pm – Participating authors are asked to arrive by 5:30 pm.

How to participate:

As an author:  Please review the Meet the Author guidelines (see attached) and send an email with the following information to

  1. Full name of author as you wish it to appear on the sign at your table
  2. Contact information (email and phone) for author
  3. Title, year, and publisher of each book that you wish to display

As a participant:  Registration is not required, but we would love to know if you are planning to come.  Please email to rsvp.

As a publisher:  Please email if you are interested in attending as a publisher.

Snacks and drinks will be served!

Questions?  Email: or  – we would be happy to talk!

RSVP by Nov 17, 2104!

Note that space is available on a first-come, first-served basis





If you would like to participate, please review the guidelines below and send an email with the information requested to

The School of Public Affairs at the University of CO Denver will host a Meet the Authors session in conjunction with Wednesday evening’s pre-conference workshops. This event will give attendees the opportunity to view the breadth and depth of publications available in the field as well as speak one-on-one with leading authors.

HOW IS THIS STRUCTURED? Authors will be assigned to a table in the Terrace Room where they will be available throughout the reception to answer questions about their work(s).

WHO MAY PARTICIPATE? Any author or compilation editor with a nonprofit-related book currently in print may participate. We reserves the right to refuse space to any author or editor whose work is a) not currently in print, b) not directly related to the nonprofit sector, or c) not a published book (can we find it on

WHAT SHOULD AUTHORS BRING? Authors should bring a copy of each book for which they wish to field questions. They also should bring at least 40 copies of ordering information for each book displayed (if multiple books may be ordered from a single source, then only 40 copies of a single order form need be available).

WHAT SHOULD AUTHORS DO DURING THE RECEPTION? Authors should arrive at 5:15 pm in the 2nd Floor Terrace room of the Lawrence St. Center Building (1380 Lawrence St.) and proceed to their table space marked by their individual name tent. Authors should be present at their table throughout the reception to welcome attendees and respond to questions about their publications. Authors should make every effort to speak with multiple attendees rather than getting caught up in a lengthy conversation with a single person.

WHAT SHOULD AUTHORS NOT DO DURING THE RECEPTION? Authors should NOT directly sell books at the reception. No funds of any type are to change hands during this event. However, you are encouraged to have promotional flyers/order forms available at your table.