SEHD Faculty Development Grant

Dear Faculty,

Dean Kantor approved for the 2nd year a limited SEHD Faculty Development Grant fund (total available funds-$15,000). The purpose of this grant is to support faculty members who need additional funds to support her/his research, teaching, or professional development. SEHD Faculty Development Grants are available to full time faculty (T/TT,CT, Sr. Instructor & Instructor). The maximum amount of the award is $1000 dollars per fiscal year and faculty may receive one award per academic year (priority will be given to faculty who didn’t receive a grant last year). Grant applications will be reviewed twice a year (September 30 & January 30) providing funds are still available. Faculty may not submit applications for multiple SEHD grants unless the previous application was denied.


Grant applicants may apply for SEHD Faculty Development Grant (up to $1000) or use the grant to support YUMPS matching funds (up to $500) of other grant matching funds requirements (up to $1000). Priority will be given to faculty members who have or will exhaust her/his professional development funds within FY 2014-15. All grant funds must be spent in FY 2014-15 (no later than June 30, 2014).


If you are interested in applying for a SEHD Faculty Development Grant, please complete the attached application and follow the approval process below. Application deadline is September 30, 2014. All grant applications will be reviewed after the application deadline on 9/30/14.

 Approval Process
(1) Faculty submits SEHD Faculty Development Grant application to their Program Representative for consultation, review, and signature (2) Faculty submits application (signed by Program Representative to Dorothy F. Garrison-Wade, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs).
(3) The Associate Dean presents applications in the Dean’s Team meeting for review and selection of grant awards.
(4) The Dean presents grant awards selection list to the Leadership/Finance Team.
(5) Faculty members are notified of the SEHD Faculty Development grant awards.Please email me if you have questions regarding the grant.


Very best regards,


Link to Grant Application: SEHD Faculty Development Grant Application 9-22-14