Updates and Congratulations to Suzanne Arnold!

Hi Everyone,

These are September updates from Bob Damrauer in the Office of Research Services (ORS). A brief follow up survey will be sent shortly that I hope you will attend to.

The changes have been completed on the ORS website (http://www.ucdenver.edu/ors). The website is meant to be easily negotiated when you need information and not esthetically pleasing (and it is not). Let me know if there are any problems you discover.

> Important Note >> I am considering sending a small group of potential NSF grant submitters to DC in early November to visit program officers. Mike Jacobson in Mathematics, who just returned from two years as a program officer at NSF, has agreed to help the group and lead the trip. I need to know who might be interested in going.

  1.      The latest round of small grants (up to $3,000) has just been completed with nine submissions and three winners. Congratulations go to Professors Christopher Agee (CLAS), Amir Ameri (CAP), and Carol Golemboski (CAM).
  1.      The next submission date for the large grant program is September 25th.
  1.      If you are unfamiliar with the ORS grants program, please read the grant programs announcement and obtain applications on our website at: http://www.ucdenver.edu/ors. As indicated in the grant programs announcement posted on this URL, a major principle in evaluating proposals is “the impact of the project on the submitters’ career.” That is really important! The announcement also emphasizes that our managing of funding support will be a balancing act, certainly one that will develop as we review more proposals.
  1.      The upcoming drop-in schedule is below. Note the meeting Monday, September 15. These meetings, which Assistant Vice Chancellor Michael Jensen and I attend, give you a voice in how this office moves ahead. Try to attend one if you possibly can. Generally, five to ten people attend. If an individual meeting better suits you, just let me or Michael know if you want to meet individually with one of us.

Sessions all are at noon in Suite 300 of the Lawrence Street Center.

Monday           September 15

Tuesday           October 21

Wednesday      November 19

Wednesday      December 17

Friday              January 16

Previous sessions have: 1) allowed faculty to learn what services and expertise ORS brings to the proposal process, 2) generated informative conversations on what is needed to support scholarly activities on the Denver Campus, and (3) given attendees a forum for letting us know better what your needs are.


NEW FEATURE: AWARDS AND RECOGNITION: A list of external funding award winners reported in August follows. Congratulations go to these winners along with my hope for success in their funded projects.

I would like to expand this feature to list other accomplishments of the faculty. It is easy to list funding winners because we generate monthly reports, but it not very easy to find out about other accomplishments on camps. I WOULD APPRECIATE HAVING AN EMAIL ABOUT OTHER FACULTY ACCOMPLISHMENTS, SO I CAN LIST THESE IN THE NEWSLETTER.



Karunanithi, Arunprakash


Civil Engineering

National Science Foundation Computer-Aided Molecular Design of Environmentally Benign Ionic Liquids $62,144
Kim, Yail


Civil Engineering

International Cooling Tower USA, Inc. Connection between Wood and FRP Columns $1,593
Kim, Yail


Civil Engineering

Korea Institute of Construction Technology Multi-Scale Modeling for Prestressed Concrete Girders $23,400
Mays, David


Civil Engineering

National Science Foundation Coupled Numerical and Laboratory Investigations of Chaotic Advection $90,626
Golkowski, Mark


Electrical Engineering

National Science Foundation Whistler Mode Propagation, Amplification, and Coupling $66,447
Roane, Timberley



Forest Service Identification of Microbial Bioindicators of Metal Toxicity in Mining and Non-Mining Impacted Sites $76,260
Lin, Hai



Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar $60,000
Reed, Scott



Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Jean Dreyfus Boissevain Lectureship in Chemistry at the University of Colorado Denver $18,500
Butler, Troy



Colorado State University/CCHE Data-driven Inverse Sensitivity Analysis for Predictive Coastal Ocean Modeling $57,020
Langou, Julien



National Science Foundation Sustained Innovation for Linear Algebra Software (SILAS) $40,000
Allen, Elizabeth



University of Denver/COLOSEM Marriage Education and Risk Reduction for Army Families $37,624
Duvall, Andrew


Health and Behavioral Sciences

Kaiser Foundation Denver Bike Sharing Evaluation Project $142,215
Arnold, Suzanne



Rocky Mountain Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Teacher Ranger Teacher $655,085
Clarke, Mark



New America School New America Schools Community Learning Center Project $25,248
Wefes, Inge


Graduate School

Office of the Director/NIH Development of Innovative Programs for Biomedical Graduate Education and Workforce Readiness $338,910
Jacob, Benoy



Denver Regional Council of Governments Outcome Assessment and Knowledge Sharing $76,850