New Student Fee Matrix (PDF)

CU Denver is implementing a new Student Fee Matrix (PDF) effective for Fall 2014 for the Denver Campus with “on-campus” fees and “off-campus” fees.

Oncampus students will pay all applicable fees. “On campus” includes all CU buildings (as of FY 13-14, this includes Lawrence Street Center, CU Denver/Dravo, 1475 Lawrence/Business School Building, and CU Denver buildings on the Auraria Campus).

 Students who are off campus, online only, or independent instruction only will pay the “off-campus” fees, which includes the Information Technology Fee, the Student Information System Fee, and a one-time Matriculation Charge (for degree-seeking students).

 The grid does not change the fee amounts, as these are set by the Regents, but clarifies which students pay which fees.

 The fee structure was developed by an Enrollment and Billing Committee made up of representatives from Schools, Colleges, Registrar, Admissions, Bursar’s Office, Student Financial Aid, Institutional Research, and the Budget Office. The goal was a simplified fee grid to ensure students are charged clearly and consistently in all complex situations. The Committee has presented the new fee grid to the Associate Deans & Academic Support Group, the Undergraduate Working Group, Continuing and Professional Education, Course Coordinators, Deans, and Fiscal Managers and asked for comments from each group.

Here are some exceptions to the basic grid:

  • ESL Students – the English Second Language group pay the on-campus rate since they are close to campus and have access to full services.
  • At least for the first year, CU South Denver students (Lincoln and I-25) will be treated as off-campus until we can access how many and what kind of services they actually have access to at that location.
  • Students attending college in Beijing will not pay any fees. However, if they attend classes at the Denver campus, they will be then pay the on-campus fee rates.
  • XMBA, XMHA, GEMM programs in the Business School have a fixed cost for the program including fees. XMBA and XMHA students are billed a flat rate. GEMM students are billed a flat rate, plus the Information Technology Fee and Student Information System Fee, which add up to the promoted fixed cost.
  • Requests for Fee Grid Exemptions by Faculty or Staff must be made by the lead of the School, College, Office, or department to the Budget Office.

For a list of all Student Fees, please see the Bursar’s website: