Reminder: Blackboard and eCollege Retiring June 30

As announced in Spring 2013, Blackboard and eCollege will be retired on June 30, 2014. If you want to keep content from your Blackboard or eCollege courses, you need to take action and save that content as soon as possible. Instructions for downloading and saving content are available below. After June 30th, you will not be able to access your Blackboard or eCollege courses. After the retirement, CU Online will attempt to retrieve Blackboard or eCollege content by request for a fee.

Downloading Blackboard Content:  We encourage all users to download an export of their Blackboard courses. Exported courses can be stored on your computer and can be imported into Canvas. You can export your course by following these directions. Exported courses do not contain student or grade book data. If you need to maintain these records, you must manually download submissions and a .csv of the gradebook for each course.

Downloading eCollege Content: eCollege does not have a built-in course export. Files will need to be manually downloaded and page content will need to be copied and pasted into a text format like Microsoft Word. If you need to maintain student submissions or grade book data, you must manually download these files for each course.

Panopto Recordings: Panopto lecture recordings on the AMC are kept for one year and one term.  If you need to move content that were originally created under Blackboard over to Canvas, please contact David Paul (

After June 30th, GEMM faculty can access their archived recordings directly from the Panopto server. For assistance, please contact Katie Looby.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact the help desk at 303-315-3700 (option 4) or