CU President: "Funding outlook: sunny today, stormy tomorrow"

From the office of the CU President


April 2014

Dear Friends and Alumni,

The Colorado Legislature did something last week it has not had the opportunity to do in some time: significantly increase funding to higher education. The Long Bill, which appropriates state funding, calls for a $100 million increase ($60 million in operating, $40 million in financial aid) for the state’s colleges and universities. CU’s share of the operating funds is about $17 million. Financial aid allocation is expected to happen in June.

The boost was originally proposed by Gov. John Hickenlooper and Lt. Gov. Joseph Garcia and supported through the legislative process so far by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. We appreciate their support and this recognition of the importance of higher education to Colorado’s economy, health and culture.

As a direct result of the funding increase, the CU Board of Regents was able… [MORE]

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