Diversity & Inclusion Fall 2013

Greetings Awesome CU- SEHD Community,
We have entered another Fall season and “the bell has rung & school has begun!” On behalf of the SEHD Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI), Welcome and Welcome Back!
We are excited to move forward with you as we continue our efforts to improve our visibility and enhance ways we can support your success. A few things I would like to bring to your attention are activities associated with Community Engagement, Recruitment & Outreach, and opportunities for Student-to-Student mentoring.
Based on feedback from many students last Spring semester, one of the most exciting and beneficial initiatives SEHD could develop is a Peer-to-Peer mentor experience and a Professional Mentor Program. I would like to work with you to do just that! Please contact me if you have students (or are a student) you think would be great. Serving as a mentor or assisting me with the development or coordination of this community building and student success project would be worthwhile!
To Our Students
What can you do to support your Schools’ efforts to improve your experience, increase our visibility,
and raise awareness about the great opportunities here at CU’s School of Education & Human Development?!
Community Engagement
Building on our foundational efforts from last Spring, ODI expects to pick up our community engagement momentum. We have already begun to re-engage a few of our communities of color through our continued work with our Latino Community Forum and Black Youth & Family Success Initiative.
The Latino Community Forum group is in the process of defining primary goals and identifying action steps for progress. One primary objective is to increase the visibility and participation of SEHD in the broader community’s activities and interest. Please stay tuned for a SEHD Faculty Meet our Latino (a) Faculty, Allies, Friends Reception hosted by Senator Bennet’s State Director and soon to be Denver Public School Board member ( District 2) Rosemary Rodriguez. This event, which will be designed to promote visibility and partnership, is to be scheduled in late October or early November.
The Black Youth & Family Success Initiative is also in the formative stage. The overarching goal of the UCD Black Youth and Success Initiative is to develop innovative strategies with two main objectives: 1) To increase the number of African American students in the CU Denver School of Education & Human Development and 2) increase the number of qualified African American high school students pursuing a post-secondary degree. With the support of A. Lewis Nunn, one of our group members and past Global Technology Executive, this group will begin a series of small informal gatherings community engagement gatherings. Also in October, the Black Youth & Family Success Initiative will host a “Community Collaborative” involving agencies and organizations focused on similar issues.
Recruitment & Outreach
  • CU-Denver Prospective Undergraduate Student “Preview Day” – September 13th approximately 20 students interested in the Teaching, Learning, and Human Development professions will join us from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon in SEHD
  • We are located in the Lawrence Street Building 7th floor (rm. 701 & rm. 724)
  • The next SEHD New Graduate Student Open House is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16th
Please consider joining us as we welcome our future professionals to the academic discipline! Finally, we will be seeking an energetic committed part-time ODI Graduate Student to work with us in building the future – today. A posting for this position will be available in a few weeks – if you are (or know) that person, we hope to meet you soon…
Wishing you all the absolute best this semester!
Aswad Allen, Assistant Dean
Jason Clark, Director