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SEHD is at the forefront of the movement to use student outcomes to measure the effectiveness of our educator preparation programs. 

At the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) at CU Denver, all of our educator preparation programs are fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) with unqualified endorsements of each educator preparation program. When we hear questions about our programs from our students, their employers, or policymakers, we take them seriously and collect information to answer them. Do our pre-service teacher candidates develop effective instructional knowledge, skills and abilities before they graduate? Do they possess dispositions that will enable them to work well with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds? Are they hired into appropriate positions after they graduate and obtain their license? Are they effective teachers? The SEHD seeks to provide answers to these questions, and others like them, in our continuous efforts to evaluate and enhance all of our preparation programs.

Our most recent national accreditation renewal, awarded spring 2014, indicates that the SEHD and all of our preparation programs meet rigorous standards set forth by the professional education community. The accrediting report stated, “Special congratulations are in order because the Commissions cited no areas for improvement relative to any of the standards.” Noteworthy areas of strength mentioned in the accreditation report included:

  • Existing partnerships between the SEHD and Professional Development School educators are characterized by close collaboration and evident dedication to preparing outstanding teachers who are responsive to the needs of increasingly diverse school populations.
  • Comprehensive candidate performance data, both for initial and advanced preparation programs, are shared on a regular basis with candidates, faculty and the community to help them reflect on and improve performance.
  • SEHD offers a series of collaborative pathways that enhance P-12 student growth and achievement through high quality urban teacher preparation; flexible, differentiated professional learning for all educators; research and innovation directed at the improvement of student learning and educator effectiveness; and simultaneous renewal of university and school practices and systems.
  • SEHD shows promising results in addressing diversity of candidates, faculty, and P-12 students as evidenced by the purposeful structure of courses and field experiences and accomplishments of the newly established Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • SEHD is committed to providing meaningful professional development at partnership sites with a focus on continual renewal through innovation and research related to specific problems of practice.
  • SEHD faculty members exhibit a strong commitment to community outreach and delivering quality instruction through technology.

This site is provided for a variety of audiences, with a primary focus on policymakers and the general public seeking information about teachers prepared at CU Denver. By providing this public-friendly site, we also seek to support our program improvement processes through rigorous  and transparent formative program evaluation.

Currently this site is focused on outcomes data from our initial teacher preparation programs. We are working on expanding the site to include outcome data from our other educator preparation programs, so check back often. The CAEP Accreditation Outcomes site contains:

  • Detailed information about our transformative approach to our national accreditation goals
  • Definitions and explanations of the many measures SEHD relies upon to assess our outcomes
  • Helpful SEHD context so that readers can situate the program offerings by the SEHD, including:
    • A list of our educator preparation programs and the degrees and majors that they connect to
    • Student enrollment data for the SEHD and individual program areas
    • Faculty information, including how they are associated with programs and their research and publications
    • Outcome data for our initial teacher preparation program, which produces highly qualified elementary and secondary teachers in many content and specialty areas
    • A description of the preservice clinical practices and partnerships that make our initial teacher preparation program unique